Weight……it’s only a number.

Your weight is only one measuring tool.  It does not determine your self worth! It does not make you a success or failure depending on which way the scale goes.  Too often we get hung up on that number.

The same weight can look very different on different people with different body types.  Being too focused on your weight can sabotage your efforts.  Isn’t it about being healthier and leaner?  When you begin an exercise program it is not uncommon to gain a pound or two.  There is nothing wrong with that.  It is usually attributed to gain muscle and shrinking fat.  If I told you I could get you a size smaller but you would weigh the same would you be OK with?  You should be.  It would mean you had lost inches and fat and gained lean muscle mass.

So don’t beat yourself up over what the scale says.  Make healthy, smart choices when choosing your food, exercise regularly and stick to it.  Changes don’t happen over night but they will happen if you stay on point.

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