5 Exercises to Get You Tone, No Gym Required

Everyone wants to get tone.  Everyone wants to know what’s the best exercises to achieve that.  There is no perfect answers but here are some of the best exercises to get you tone with no gym equipment required or a lot of time commitment.

Let’s start with the Upper body.

Push ups are hands down one of the best exercises of all time! They tone arms, chest and core. If you are not able to do a full push up start with a modified version and work your way up.  Some modifications are doing them against a wall or railing or on a mat with you knees down.  Which ever way you do them make sure to keep your back straight and abs tight.

Work your triceps (back of your arms).

Dips are my pick for this area. Sit on a bench or chair, fingers facing you, walk your feet away from you a bit, then bend and extend your elbows.

Now for the legs.

Squats, lunges and plie squats are the easiest to start with.  Each of these have several versions but sticking with the basic stationary ones is the safest option.Remember to be kind to your knees.  You do not have to go past a 90° angle and only go through the range of motion that feels right to you. With all the exercises, start off doing what you can…..it may be 5 or it may be 15. Start with one set and as you get stronger increase to two then three working up to three sets of 25.  Always progress gradually its not a race take your time and your will prevent injury.

fit-bioLynn Pesce Vita is a health and fitness industry veteran with more than 20 years of experience. She holds certifications from the National Academy of Sports Medicine, Aerobics and Fitness Association of America, International Youth Conditioning Association, Mad Dogg Athletics and Zumba in personal training, group exercise, youth fitness and nutrition. Lynn was a competitive Triathlete racing in both Olympic and sprint distances. As part of The Leukemia Society’s Team in Training, she completed the Alaska Marathon and the Lake Tahoe Century. This year she will be participating in her first NYC Marathon as part of TeamUp for Autism Speaks

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